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Old 01-28-2015, 04:48 PM
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Default Parrot Bebop or 350QX3 for FPV?

Dos any one at the club have any experiences with these two UAVs?

Parrot Bebop UAVs

Blade 350QX3

I do like both of these UAVs but i am kinda scared of the Parrot Bebop because of some of the mixed reviews and some of the features not working.I do like the features of the Bebop like RTH waypoint map and the ability to take stills but i am kinda iffy using WIFI and a tablet touch screen controlls.

I do also like the 350QX3 features like RTH and altitude adjustment and pilot safety bubble.And i do have FPV goggles and a Gopro and a DX8 radio and i do like a real radio better then a virtual touch pad.But i do not see a way where i could take stills in mid air with Gopro with goggles although i could take still pictures with time laps editor.The Bebop though seems to have the features i want minus the features like a real radio and a 2.4ghz and goggles.

Do you think these two UAVs would fit my needs?I am not going the DJI route or the kit build route.
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