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Old 08-20-2011, 07:30 PM
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Default Looks like castle is recalling ALL HV esc's


(aka) jeremy
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Old 08-21-2011, 09:05 AM
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Originally Posted by trex500wanabe View Post
They are not recalling all HV ESC
Warning & Recall advisory 2011-03
Aug 20, 2011

The performance of a component used in the Castle ICE HV 60, ICE HV 80, ICE HV 120, ICE HV 160, Mamba XL and HYDRA ICE HV controllers has changed from the original specifications for that part. This tolerance change may lead to failure of the affected controllers.

For your safety, we request that all customers cease operation of these controllers immediately. Send all of these controllers back to Castle for modifications required to improve the safety and reliability of these products. This recall includes all controllers labeled as V3. There are no charges associated with this modification.

The only controllers that are properly modified and are approved for operation will be labeled clearly as ICE HV (Amp Rating) 2, Mamba XL 2 & HYDRA ICE HV 2.

We understand that you may not wish to return your controller. Those that have served you well are likely to continue doing so; however, controllers that you may have recently purchased should be assumed to be assembled with the problem components.

If you insist on using these controllers, please be advised that the risks of continued usage begin with severe burns to you and/or others, as well as property damage to your RC vehicle or surroundings. Please wear fire-proof gloves when connecting any HV controllers that use 8 or 10 gauge wire to their power source.

Click this link and follow the directions of advisory 2011 - 03 to process your return if you have any of the following controllers.

Phoenix ICE HV 60

Phoenix ICE HV 160 & ICE HV 160 LITE

Phoenix ICE HV 80

Mamba XL

Phoenix ICE HV 120

Hydra ICE HV
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