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Originally Posted by agentorange View Post
This is a post that i was hoping never to wright but i have to. Yesterday i went to the field and was flying my new 700N when about 3 feet off the runway my battery unplugged and it went nose first into the pavment. To add insult to injury it chicken dance for about 30-45 seconds and the only reason it stopped was the fuel line broke and ran out of fuel. As of right now it seems to be a total loss. Dont know what im going to do as of yet the more i dig into it the more stuff is broken or to badly bent up to use. Just wanted to let you all know to make sure that you battery and battery leads are properly secured and dont take that stuff for granted i learned the hard way. All i can say right know is that im pretty mad with my self for not checking it before takeoff. Buy the way any one want to buy a 600N
how much for the 600n and what does it have?

Fly it like you stole it!!!!!!
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